The Best Hair Salon Insurance Quotes For You

Got a salon? Or, about to start a hair salon business?  Then boy, do you have problems! (The customers, of course!)

Mistakes happen, and everyone looooves to sue. If you want to keep your salon open, you have to protect yourself.

We have some examples coming up about what can happen where you end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit!

But first, what kind of hair salon insurance do you need? Let’s find out:

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The Two Different Types of Hair Stylist Insurance That You MUST Have

hair salon insurance - in case you take a bit more off than expected

There are two types of commercial insurance for salons you will need to have. The first is called ‘general liability salon insurance‘. It’s the most basic and necessary.

Next is ‘professional salon liability insurance’. They are both crucial due to the different types of incidents that can happen at a salon.

If you have been doing hair for long, whether you own a salon or you are an employee at a salon, you have surely seen incidents and accidents!

Accidents can range from hair being scorched to scalp burns to someone falling in the salon. If you are not protected, guess what? Yep, you will likely end up in a lawsuit.

You could lose it all. There’s no way you want that to happen.

Therefore, if you aren’t already covered, you had better get yourself covered immediately!

Check This Out- A Real Life Salon Lawsuit

1. General Liability Hair Salon Insurance Coverage

There are two kinds of coverages included with your general liability:

Let’s have a closer look at both.

Bodily Injury (Can’t People Just Be More Damn Careful?)

General liability hair salon insurance for hairdressers protects against when you get sued for bodily injury. You will be covered to the extent you are liable up to your policy limits.

It also covers related medical costs.

Let’s give you an example:

Karl came into your salon for a trim. He’s been waiting in the lobby reading a magazine. He gets up to hit the restroom before he’s called.

He does his business, washes his hands then starts out of the bathroom when he slips on some hair. He has a really hard fall, hitting his head on a counter as he goes down. He’s bleeding profusely and has to go to the hospital in an ambulance. (You had better go ahead and call your lawyer!)

You already know the end of this story, eh?

You guessed it, he’s going to sue you for the damages, pain and suffering and maybe for a little more just for his trouble. This is the type of case that general liability bodily injury will cover.

If someone is hurt while on your premises, but he wasn’t injured during a service, well, that’s general liability. Professional liability covers when the service directly harms the customer.

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Damage to your client’s property:

hair stylist insurance covers the accidents that might happen
Just how many ways can this end up in a lawsuit??

A bride wants you to come to her church to do her bridesmaids hair. You get there and start curling away. Everyone is having a great time, the bridesmaids are drinking and excitement is in the air. You are not drinking, of course.

You are not drinking, of course. Still you are enjoying the feeling in the air and you are invited to the wedding now.

The bridesmaid you are working on asks you if you would get her a glass of red wine. You are happy to.

You get it and as you are walking back with it, you trip over your own feet. In what seems like slow motion, the wine and the glass go flying.

You crash to the ground but nobody is trying to help you up or find out if you are hurt. This seems strange to you. When you look up, you immediately realize the reason why. Everyone is looking at the bride. To your horror, you see that the wine spilled all over the bride. Who is wearing her wedding dress. And who is now screaming. Right at you.

You think this can’t be happening. Her dress is ruined. The wedding is in one hour. There is no way to replace it this late in the game. The dress cost $13,450. (You are no longer invited to the wedding.)

The wedding is ‘ruined’ according to the bride. She can’t afford to replace it and can’t get a replacement within an hour either way. She will be coming after you. Emotional distress and for the cost of the dress. Maybe for the cost of the entire wedding if she cancels it.

This type of property damage will be covered by general liability hair stylist insurance. There’s no insurance to console the bride. You feel awful, but accidents happen. As you can see, you need to be covered.

As you can see, you need to be covered.

Another Real-Life Salon Lawsuit Story

2. Professional Liability Hair Salon Insurance Coverage

hair salon insurance for when hair for the big day turns out hair for the horrible day
Um, I said brunette, not blonde!!

Treatment Gone Wrong and Emotional Distress:

Cindy is one of your stylists. She has a lady come in who asked for her hair to be relaxed. Cindy agrees and starts the process. After some time in the chair, the client starts to complain that her scalp feels like it’s burning.

Cindy quickly gets her to the sink to remove the chemicals from her hair and the client gets more and more agitated as it really hurts to touch certain parts of her scalp. You already know that this is not good. She leaves the salon to go see a doctor. (Uh-oh)

Sure enough, she suffered from scalp burns and her hair falls out in a few places after a few days. (Egad!)

Now she can’t work because she’s a model, so she’s losing wages. The woman is clearly distressed at her appearance and is embarrassed to go out of her house. (She’s pretty vain about her appearance)

She is understandably pissed. She sues your company for damages, loss of wages as well as emotional distress. (Uh-oh.) This is the type of claim that professional liability salon insurance will cover you for.

Since your employee did the damage directly to the client, it’s a professional liability case. It was an error made directly to the customer by the stylist while performing a service. (Professional liability insurance is also sometimes called errors and omissions insurance.)

This is where hair stylist liability insurance comes to your rescue!

Where Do I Get My Insurance?

We have found that Hiscox is number one for your hair salon insurance needs. It’s the simplest and fastest way to get no-obligation insurance quotes from different insurance carriers.

To get your FREE hair salon insurance quotes, simply go to Hiscox, fill out their online form and speak with a representative if you have additional questions. They will find out more about your needs personally and get you set up so you are protected. You have a business. It’s a good business.

You need to protect it so that you don’t lose it!

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Make sure your business has the right coverage. Check out other types of commercial insurance


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