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How to Start a Massage BusinessDo you touch naked bodies for work? How nice! (And you totally need insurance.)

Nice, as long as you don’t get sued by a client.

If you work at a spa, plan to work in a spa or plan to own a spa, massage insurance is for you.

What? A naked person on a table letting you massage them all over may sue you? Say it isn’t so. (But you already knew this) You better believe you have a high-risk job! Think you want to risk not insuring your services from litigation?

No way.

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You HAVE To Have Massage Therapy Insurance

Massaging a client can cause any of the following issues:

  • Directly cause new injuries (mostly quite minor, but not all)
  • Aggravate existing injuries and chronic pain problems
  • Distract patients from more appropriate care
  • Mildly stress the body
  • Rhabdomyolysis

Of course, there’s always the risk of a client complaining you did something sexually inappropriate. If you DO do something inappropriate, that’s on you and you had better be insured to the hilt, you creep. If you are a stand-up therapist and are innocent of these claims, they still can happen from people who are simply looking to make a buck off of the insurance industry.

Case of massage therapist accused of sexual assault

What Types of Massage Liability Insurance Do I Need To Have?

  1. Professional Liability
  2. General Liability

Massage General Liability

This is the basic stuff you must have. If you want to be protected from a claim that you hurt someone, this is your insurance. It also covers medical costs and property damage claims. What in the world could you possibly do to cause these claims? Plenty! Let’s show you a few examples:

  • Bodily Injury: Your client trips and falls in your massage room. She fell over your stool. (Really, client? It’s huge. Couldn’t you see it there?) Guess who she sues? You! The claim and medical expenses will be covered by general liability coverage.
  • Property Damage and Data Loss: At your client’s house, you just finished a massage in his living room. You went to the kitchen to get him some water. Upon walking it back to the living room, you trip over an area rug and spill the water onto his laptop. Oops. Guess what? It doesn’t work now and he wants you to replace it. This is where property damage and data loss come to the rescue. Coverage depends on your policy’s limits.
  • Personal Injury: You have a great massage business with 5 employees. An employee of yours talks smack about a client to a clerk at a nearby store. The clerk happens to be good friends with the client. Oopsie! Guess what? The client sues you for slander after hearing about the smack from his friend. General liability insurance to the rescue. It will cover up to your policy’s limits, once again.

The Best Funny Massage Video Quite Possibly Ever!

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Massage Therapist Professional Liability Insurance

You will definitely need more than just massage general liability insurance. It doesn’t cover everything. That would be too easy, now wouldn’t it? Of course, it would! Therefore you also need coverage for things such as massage therapist professional liability insurance.

What does it cover? Well, professional liability… it’s a little confusing. This is also sometimes referred to as “E & O insurance“. That stands for “errors and omissions”. In other words, if you are a professional and you mess up by doing something incorrectly (an error) or you FAIL to do something (omissions), this insurance covers your butt. How might this apply to you?

Let’s take a look at some scenarios:

massage therapy insurance can cover the unexpected
All we see here is $$$ leaving your pocket!!
  1. A client comes to you complaining of shoulder and neck pain. She has a bulging disc in her neck and she tells you about it. You have a ginormous ‘brain fart’ and thought she said she had a lower back bulging disc. (Good thing you aren’t a surgeon…) You are massaging her neck pretty deep and thorough, and she cries out in pain. Oops. She goes to the hospital. You are sued for damages. In this case, you made an error and so you need professional massage liability insurance.
  2. A 54-year-old man comes to you for chronic SI joint pain. You work with him for 12 weeks, twice a week. You were supposed to be working in cahoots with his doctor, but you never made the call. (What kind of massage therapist ARE you?) He is not getting better. Then he finds out you never even spoke to his doctor. He is suing you for his wasted time and the cost of your services. You would need professional massage liability insurance to be covered, you doof!

Massage Therapist Insurance – Business Owners Policy (BOP)

What’s this? It’s very simple. It’s a blended policy with a fancy name that includes both general massage therapist insurance and professional massage therapist insurance. Easy.

How Do I Know For Sure I Need Massage Insurance Coverage?

Um, well, are you a massage therapist? Do you own a massage therapy business? Then you need it!

More specifically, you need it if you work directly with clients. Oh, you do? Then you need massage insurance.

Does your employer require you to have massage liability insurance? Duh, then you need it, silly!

Hiscox For Your Massage Therapy Insurance Needs

In conclusion, there are several reasons we picked Hiscox and nobody else.

Customization: The agents at Hiscox are very good at finding out what your specific needs are based on where you work, what kind of insurance your employer has or what you need as your own business.

  1. They are a middle man. You will get the best quotes from only the best in your industry.
  2. Coverage no matter where you are. You can be training in Thailand, and you will still be covered.
  3. Speedy response rate.
  4. Their website is very simple and easy to maneuver.

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Make sure your business has the right coverage. Check out other types of commercial insurance


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