day care insurance covers you when you are the person in charge

Child Care Insurance Coverage

Man, you sure are taking on some massive Taking care of one’s OWN child is scary enough as it is! You’re watching other people’s rug rats? You have balls, You know, if you care for other people’s kids,…

Wedding liability insurance

The Best Wedding Liability Insurance Quotes Website Ever

Weddings can go There is no coverage for blunders like when Ross said ‘…take thee, However, you can cover yourself for certain monetary This is why you want to have to have wedding liability Wedding disasters…

Personal Training Business

How to Find the Right Personal Trainer Insurance Coverage

Personal Trainer Insurance Quote Let me You LOVE training your Some of them you even consider You are very careful with their Personal training can even be ???? Or is it? It won’t be the…

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage

“Commercial General Liability How boring does THIS sound???!!! Let’s face it, insurance stuff is painfully Still, it’s a necessary Don’t worry, we’re not trying to ‘impress’ you with big, fancy words in this Just hearing the…

how to start a yoga studio

Yoga Teacher Insurance

Yoga Teacher Insurance: Get the Best Coverage in 2021 Have you ever farted in a yoga class? Or, god forbid, ‘queefed’ in a class? Both are MORBIDLY embarrassing events! In yoga class, if someone has gas, they have There’s…

How to Start a Massage Business

Massage Insurance Quotes

Do you touch naked bodies for work? How nice! (And you totally need Nice, as long as you don’t get sued by a If you work at a spa, plan to work in a spa or plan to…

product liability insurance

Product Liability Insurance Quote

It’s exciting and fun to build your If you know anything about it, you already know you must be Do you sell products? If so, guess what? You can easily be sued for a number of

get a professional liability insurance quote so you have the professional protection you need

Professional Liability Insurance Quote

Oh my, what big words ‘professional liability insurance coverage’ are! We wish talking about insurance was as fun as watching Sesame Street used to The fact is, it’s But there’s a chance you need Actually, it’s a…

hair salon insurance - in case you take a bit more off than expected

The Best Hair Salon Insurance Quotes For You

Got a salon? Or, about to start a hair salon business?  Then boy, do you have problems! (The customers, of course!) Mistakes happen, and everyone looooves to If you want to keep your salon open, you have to protect…

Types of commercial insurance policies

17 Types of Commercial Insurance Policies

Types of Commercial Insurance Policies Get a FREE Commercial Insurance Quote Have The Right Types of Commercial Insurance in Place Why Hiscox?? 17 Commercial Insurance Policy Types Property Insurance – This protects what your business Your office equipment, computers,…