MyNewCompany Review

MyCompanyWorks Review (Formerly MyNewCompany Review)- Our #5 Pick

MyCompanyWorks has been in business since 2001 (formerly named MyNewCompany). In that time, they have only serviced 50,000 customers. That may sound like a lot but compared to other companies, it’s not so much. You can get your company incorporated along with other business related things.

MyCompanyWorks ReviewThey offer with any package:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Immediate Delivery of Scanned Filings
  • Online Order Tracking
  • Next Business Day Processing
  • Audited for Spelling & Compliance
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Support
  • Lifetime Access to “My Account”
  • Free Company Alerts
  • Free Shipping

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Cool Beans! The Pros of MyCompanyWorks Review

Ok, so this company does offer decent customer support in the form of email, phone, AND live chat. We love that they have live chat. Very, very helpful.

They do seem to be one of the cheapest options. If this is your M.O., they may be the way to go.

They do your processing immediately. (However, every state has different execution times, so when you get your paperwork will depend on what state you are in.

They do a good job of explaining each business formation/entity.

They are very user-friendly and have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Bah Humbug!

The negatives?

They offer NO live chat. Have a question? You are busy. Do you really want to wait until they email you back, potentially two days later? Didn’t think so.

They seem to be accusing other companies of practices that we are not seeing. For instance, they claim that they are superior because they do not ‘pad’ filing fees where other companies do. We have not found a company who pads filing fees in our 7 different companies we rated. At least that’s our experience.

They mention being an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has repeatedly been ‘outed’ by dependable sources as making businesses pay for their A+ rating. An A+ rating means nothing now. Check out this story by ABC’s 20/20 back in 2010. CNN did the same thing in this article.

Therefore, we are not impressed by their BBB A+ ranks.


We didn’t find much wrong here. We just preferred the ease of use of the other companies as well as the live chat option which MyCompanyWorks does not offer. This company may be one of the lowest priced, but it all depends on what extras you do or do not order.

We don’t think you will necessarily have a bad experience with this company, we just think you would be better off with one of our top two, BizFilings or CorpNet.

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