$5 Micro Jobs at Fiverr.com

The world of the Internet is growing at a remarkable rate. Individuals can find virtually anything they want on the Internet if they have the time to search. But in this fast-paced society, time is often an elusive commodity. Where can one go to find a quick, cheap service without spending hours searching on the Internet? Fiverr.com may just be the answer.

What Is Fiverr.com?

Launched in 2010, Fiverr.com is an online marketplace for small jobs. These micro jobs start at $5 and cover a wide variety of needs. They range from fun (a singing video card) to functional (proofreading a short article.) With over a million goods and services offered on the site, buyers are sure to find whatever it is they desire all in one place and for an incredibly low price. When someone needs a small job done but they don’t have the time or the expertise to do it, Fiverr.com will undoubtedly have the service available. Cheap goods are also offered on the site, often personalized and hand-crafted for the buyer. With categories ranging from advertising and business to fun and bizarre, Fiverr.com is an amazingly diverse online marketplace.

Convenient Seller Platform

For those who need a place to market their product or service, Fiverr.com might be the platform they need. Fiverr.com takes a 20% commission but provides a way to find and communicate with buyers, plus offers the platform to send and receive data, facilitate payment transactions, and settle disputes. Basically, Fiverr.com becomes the middleman in the transactions between buyers and sellers, providing both with an easy and secure method of conducting business. As sellers successfully complete transactions, they will be able to unlock advanced tools for additional services at higher prices. So there is a way for sellers to increase their profit margin on Fiverr.com and offer their clients a wider variety of services.

Last Stop – Fiverr.com

As one of the fastest growing and most popular sites on the Internet today, Fiverr.com may just become the online marketplace the world turns to for its micro job needs. Have a skill to market? Looking for a small product or service to purchase? When searching the Internet, Fiverr.com should be your first stop–it may just be your last.


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